Thank you from your winner Dave

davebriggs-wA big THANK YOU to everyone who voted for me!

I’m a scientist was a hectic, exciting and incredibly interesting fortnight, and I am really grateful to all the students and teachers who took part in the event.

I think that chatting with the students and answering (or trying to answer 😀 ) the incredible variety of fantastic questions has given me a reminder of what it was like to be at school, and how important it is for me as a scientist to communicate to everyone what it is that I am doing. After all, so much of the science being done in the UK is funded by either Charities (like Cancer Research UK or Arthritis Research UK) or by the tax payer (through research councils like the Medical research Council) – so it is you and your parents that are contributing you my research – so THANK YOU for that as well.

I enjoyed IAS soooooo much, that I’ve already been talking to the bosses at the university of Manchester about getting more scientists from Manc involved in the next IAS events.

I shall be spending my winnings on some kit to allow me to take Crystallography to the masses – I’ve already done talks to groups of people in pubs a couple of times – I want to take those talks, improve them, add some hands on demonstrations into the talk, and with any luck – take it out on the road to talk to more people about what it is that I do.

Thanks again, and remember to keep asking such great questions – after all, that is what science is all about – asking the right questions and then doing your best to answer them.



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  1. yoyofab says:

    Well done for winning dave!! I voted for you an I hoped you liked talking to our school (lnds) 🙂

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