Susana Teixeira

Photo: Susana

Me and my Work: I use crystals as an amplifier – they shout out their atomic secrets to me.

Status: I'm back in, still answering questions :)

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Sam Horrell

Photo: Sam

Me and my Work: I produce protein samples for structural analysis, focusing on the use of long wavelength X-rays to generate 3D models of proteins.

Status: Its been a pleasure. Feel free to keep asking questions.

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Ed Lowe

Photo: Ed

Me and my Work: I use a synchrotron like a giant microscope to take a close look at the building blocks of life.

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David Briggs

Photo: Dave

Me and my Work: I’m trying to figure out how and why we get Arthritis.

Status: So close I can taste it!

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Benjamin Hall

Photo: Ben

Me and my Work: I study a microorganism that infects, and totally destroys, potato and tomato plants.

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